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As everyone prepares for the last minute dash to the shops to buy forgotten presents and enough food to last a week even though the supermarkets are only closed for one day, just remember to plan carefully and make a list.

Even if you don't usually plan your meals or make a shopping list when you go food shopping, Christmas is the time when you really should plan ahead. Think carefully about quantities, how you're going to store all the food until you need it, and what will you really want to eat for the coming few days.  It can be easy to get carried away in the Charles Dickens romance of the Christmas feast, but realistically does everyone really need to eat that much food in one day? And that's not including the chocolates under the tree and the mince pies from your guests.

Not only will you save on wasting food but planning will save you money too.  And the less leftovers there are after Christmas is over, the better.  The sooner you can get back on track eating a balanced diet and normal portions, the better you'll feel when the bells ring out for the start of 2018!

Breakfast is always a great way to start the day and Christmas Day is no exception, plus if you're eating a fulfilling meal when you wake up, the chances are you'll be less likely to stray into the chocolates before midday.  Here's one of our favourite Christmas Day Porridge recipes packed full of buckwheat, vibrant fresh raspberries, cashew milk and cacao nibs for that festive chocolate hit!

The Glow Bowl Breakfast Recipe