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Jill contacted me at the start of 2020 keen to get back into exercise after letting it slip due to a hectic work and family life, and also wanting to stop the weight gain that was slowly increasing month on month now she is post menopause.  

I worked with Jill over 3 months on the Restore Balance plan.  As Jill works away a lot, most of the coaching sessions and workouts were done online, but this didn't stop Jill getting the results that she wanted! 

In 12 weeks Jill stopped gaining weight and dropped over 9lbs and reduced her body fat by over 7%.  And her BMI dropped from 30.3 to 26.8. 

Here's what Jill had to say about working with me on a 3 month Restore Balance Plan.....

"I've been working with Kate for the last 3 months on the MEvME Restore Balance programme to change my diet so it supports my post-menopause state and also to bring routine exercise back into my life and into a busy work schedule.  I was struggling to time find for it on my own.

I went on the programme because I wanted to be fit, strong and active both now and in the future. 

Kate really listened and adapted the programme to suit me.  She developed short 30 minute workouts that fit into my work pattern and we mainly worked together virtually as I travel a lot for my work. 

Kate has changed the way I eat and brought a different view to my nutrition.  Kate is always positive and encouraging and very easy to work with. 

After 3 months I have noticed a big difference.  I have changed body shape and lost weight.  I have more energy and feel more resilient. 

Thanks Kate! "