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We are living in an age of women's empowerment.  Holding down jobs side by side to that of men, and empowered to make decisions about our own finances, job and personal affairs.  We find ourselves in an exciting world of opportunities!

Read on to discover 4 signs that you are feeling empowered...

1. You strive to be more.  Becoming stronger, fitter and healthier, you focus on personal performance and self growth instead of fixing flaws.  Your motto is 'progress not perfection'.

2. You know your dress size does not determine your value in life and you measure yourself in contentment and laughter rather than inches and pounds.  And your exercise regime is a form of self love and nourishment that fuels confidence and energy to be your best self.

3. You practice self compassion, kind thoughts, self-love and an understanding that you are doing your best.  Appreciative that the never ending demands of modern life can feel exhausting, you try not to criticize yourself for not meeting your own expectations 100% of the time.

4. Through your own feeling of empowerment, you collaborate and encourage others to be their best self.  You choose personal progression over competition with other women and instead focus on your unique strengths to help support them on their journey to also become bold, feel empowered, grow self-love and reach their potential.

Written by Kate Swinson - Founder of MEvME