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So, you've made the physical changes to help you discover a healthier self, like signing up for that new gym membership or throwing out the chocolates and stacking the fridge full or organic fruit and veg. But most forget the biggest change needed in order to succeed....

The psychology of the self-image plays a huge role in the difference between success and failure. Dr Maxwell Maltz, author of Psycho Cybernetics, has helped change the lives of over 30 million people through teaching them the techniques needed to harness the power of the mind to conquer self limiting beliefs and achieve their goals with huge success.  And many athletes in particular have also gained competitive success through this method.

The day we are born we enter the world as a self loving being living in the moment and unashamed of who we are.  We are driven by emotions only as our conscious minds are not yet formed. But as we grow we receive messages from experiences, success and failures that all get stored in the brains as the 'truth' and go on to impact our future decisions, actions and own self image of who we believe we are as an adult.  For example, someone with a 'fat' self image, or who claims to 'have a sweet tooth' may struggle to achieve their goals because no matter what they consciously do to achieve them, they will be doing it in opposition to that self image. And even if success is gained, it's likely to be short lived before the person is 'snapped' back to where they started. This is why willpower is not the answer, managing our self-image is. 

Our limiting sub-conscious beliefs and self-image is what can be holding us back and change can be futile until we address it and change it.   However, once the concept of the self is changed it is possible to achieve and accomplish your desires more easily and without self limiting barriers.

Of course, changing one's self-image is not in itself an overnight success as it involves changing deeply ingrained emotions and beliefs that may have been built over many years. But it is absolutely possible, as many have proven time and time again. 

For more information read the story and science behind psycho cybernetics and get easy to follow mental training exercises to help re-set the self-image for success.

It could hold the key to you achieving all you desire this year. We wish you luck on your journey to discovering a new self.

Written by Kate Swinson - Founder of MEvME & Wellbeing Coach

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