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It will connect us to our brave hearts, bring us great courage and connect us to our inner healing powers to forget the past, embrace change, and create more of the life we want.

For the first time in 150 years, on 31st January, a significant spiritual event will be taking place, when a Blue Moon, Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse will all fall at the same time.  Many ancient legends surrounding the powerful healing energies of the moon, have long associated a full moon and lunar eclipse with embracing change, creating positivity and magnifying energy

It is said that any creative, mindful or meditative activities carried out during a full moon are amplified by the moon's energy. 

So why not take advantage of the lunar eclipse's transformational energy and read our top 3 ways to benefit from this months Super Blue Blood Moon....

We grow through what we go through. So make that change you've been holding back on.  Although change can be difficult at the time, it can often lead us to a place of discovery, truth and strength as we make changes that help us create a life more aligned to our authentic and natural self and brings us closer to a feeling on contentment and confidence in ourselves. Take time this week to evaluate your need, desires, dreams and plans and take that step towards making the changes needed.  Now is a great time to begin or increase daily mindfulness and meditation, to help as you transition through this period of change.

The lunar eclipse is said to bring courage.  Have you been thinking about any aspects of your life that are no longer making you happy? Now could be the time to let go of old habits, relationships or destructive patterns of behaviour that are holding you back or making you unhappy. The energy of the eclipse is said to give you courage and so face your decisions, be decisive, take action and move on from what's old and no longer needed.  Believe in you, and take that leap of faith to make the move you've been waiting for.  With great change comes great opportunities for happiness.

Harness your inner super power. Inside all of us is a super woman waiting to be let out, so what are you waiting for? Use the power of the abundance of energy flowing this week to re-energise, motivate and power through your workouts.  And really harness that inner strength and self-confidence to stand up for yourself and what you believe in and turn that heart chakra from a weighted stone into a dazzling bright jewel.

Written by Kate Swinson - Founder of MEvME