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Be SMART and make your WISHES come true for a FITTER YOU

Be SMART and make your WISHES come true for a FITTER YOU

Did anyone else make a New Years Resolution on the 1st January and yet now feel like they have already made an epic fail and it’s only literally halfway through the month?

Mine was to not work on a Sunday and spend more time with my family, and yet, it’s only the 3rd Sunday of January and what am I sat doing? Working! But the interesting thing about this is that whilst I’m sat at my laptop researching trends or typing up new blogs, my daughter is sat across the table busy doing her homework and asking me every now and then how to spell something, whilst my husband quietly sits with his coffee enjoying his once a week read of every page of the Sunday Times, and throwing me the odd article he thinks I might be interested in reading too. And so, as I sit here, all together as a family, even though we are each doing our own thing I realise that, actually, perhaps I’m not as far from my goal as I had planned to be!

But the question is, did I really do all I could in the first place to make it happen?

The three most popular New Year Resolutions as most of us know, are to get fit, eat more healthily and drink less alcohol. But if you were one of the millions of people that made one of these Resolutions the question is, what, if anything, did you do to plan this goal and make 2017 the year that you really succeed?

If the answer was nothing, you are certainly not alone!

If you’ve never done goal setting before it can be daunting but if you’re SMART about it, you could be well on your way to seeing the results that you want. Setting a SMART Goal has been proven to increase your chances of achieving a goal by up to 50%.

Follow our five easy steps below:

SPECIFIC. A goal needs to be specific, merely saying you want to get fit or lose weight is just far too vague. What exactly do you want to achieve? For example do you want to lose 1 stone of weight or get fit enough to run 5 miles? Both of these would require very different actions to achieve the desired end results. Once you have written down your specific goal, then write down specific actions that you need to do daily, weekly and monthly to help you progress towards these.

MEASUREABLE. If you don’t decide how to measure your goal how can you measure your progress, and this is so important in helping you to keep on track. For example, write down how far you want to be able to run by the end of the year, and then break this down into healthy weekly targets, for example, to run for 2 minutes without stopping, then the following week 4 minutes, and so on. Once you are able to run for long enough then you can change your tracking from time to distance. Making each smaller goal achievable gives you the best chance of hitting them which will keep you motivated and enthusiastic to keep progressing towards your overall goal.

Be ACCOUNTABLE. It’s all too easy sometimes to find excuses for missing training or not sticking to a diet plan and so finding a way to be accountable makes us more likely to stick to our plan. Remember to set aside and plan time in your diary to carry out the actions you need (like writing up your meal plan, doing the weekly shopping or going to the gym). If you’re a member of a gym you could tell them your plans and goals and then update them weekly on your progress or if you want to be really accountable, start a blog and tell the world what you want to achieve. Writing a blog of your journey is not only inspiring to others but will also inspire you to keep going when things get tough.

Be REALISITC. A good goal should be realistic otherwise you are simply setting yourself up to fail. But equally, a good goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot! Vision yourself achieving your goal because if you don’t believe you can achieve it how can you expect to achieve it? Create a vision board of your journey and your goal. Your mind is a powerful tool in achieving any goal – use it to your advantage and remember

“Whether You Think You Can, or You Think You Can’t, You’re Right!” Henry Ford

And lastly, remember to set a TIMESCALE. This can be the date of a holiday if you’ve started your goal in plenty of time, but remember, to achieve a lasting healthier, happier and fitter you it’s best to build and create new healthier habits which will be long lasting. So your results last long after your holiday tan has faded!