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Tips for a Blissful Nights Sleep! 

Who doesn't love to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged from a great night's sleep! 

There's never a shortage of work to be done, socialising to be enjoyed, and kids that just won't sleep! However tempted you are though, don't sacrifice your sleep for longer days to cram everything in. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle as your body uses the time you are asleep to repair damaged cells and tissues.

Benefits to a good nights sleep include:

1. Helps lower stress

2. Reduces feelings of depression

3. Helps maintain healthy weight

4. Improves attention

5. Reduces inflammation within the body

6. Improves memory function

7. Increases productivity

8. Reduces chances of catching a cold or flu virus

Take 30-60 minutes to mark the end of a hectic day, and do things that will calm your body and mind to create a night time routine that will relax and send you into a blissful nights sleep.

1. Have your last caffeine drink at least 6 hours before bedtime

2. Eat your last meal 2-3 hours before you go to bed

3. Switch off all electronics an hour before you want to sleep

4. Run a hot bath or take time to do some relaxation exercises or meditation

5. Drink a warming relaxing calming elixir such as chamomile and honey, or PUKKA night tea with lime flower and lavender.

6. Read a good book that's light hearted

7. Listen to relaxing music. We recommend the Calm App for a selection of meditative music that promotes a calm mind

8. Write down a list of worries to offload them from your mind, and write a list of reminders for the next day.

9. Use a few drops of lavender or neroli essential oil on your wrists or soles of your feet to help your body unwind.

10. Place a diffuser in your bedroom and use different mixtures of calming oils to create a space of relaxation that will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.

 Written by Kate Swinson - Wellbeing & Performance Coach, Founder of MEvME