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It's that time of year, when everyone's talking about hitting the gym, getting on a diet, and becoming a better version of themselves.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a new year, new start kind of attitude.  It can go a long way to kick starting motivation and encouraging us to try new things.  But what happens when less than 2 months into the new year, you realise your No. 1 goal has already fallen by the wayside under a pile of work, family and life that just got in the way?

Over 50% of new year resolutions fail and so you would certainly not be alone, but even so, this cyclical pattern can really have an impact on our positive state of mind.

And the busy modern lifestyle that's technologically rich and time poor, often does very little to help how we feel about our health, weight and wellbeing.  Constantly comparing ourselves to others in the virtual world that surrounds us, we can often experience feelings of guilt and negativity towards ourselves for not having the time or discipline to achieve what they have or live as they do.

Instead of focusing on flaws to fix, why not instead this year, focus on learning how to re-connect with your mind and body through discovering the value of MEtime...

Focusing on the three elements of wellbeing that help to create a harmonious life, MEvME will be guiding you through advice, tips, recipes and blogs on how to NOURISH, ENERGISE & BALANCE your body and mind for a healthy and happy 2018.