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As our children grow, their brains and bodies develop at a rapid rate. We observe this with each first roll, next step, or new word. Continued brain development is what allows these processes to evolve and develop over time. During the first 5 years of life, the brain and body is developing at its quickest, and can be a miracle to observe.

For these processes to be able to occur, our brain is constantly working and evolving. By using millions of nerves and neural pathways, we are able to develop connections that are the basis of our ongoing development.  When done well, we are able to thrive at our best. When these connections develop poorly, it can be detrimental to our body’s attempts to learn and transform throughout our life. During our first 5 years of life, these processes happen quicker and faster than at any other time. For these important pathways to develop optimally requires many things, including adequate sleep, correct nutrition and proper movement of our spine. A healthy spine, in which all segments move well, is crucial in optimal brain development.

As a Chiropractor, it is our job to fully assess the cranial and spinal joints. We detect and aim to correct any dysfunction or restriction in each of these segments.

Chiropractic assessment of the spine, nervous system and developing brain is gentle and fun; most children enjoy their consultation as it feels like they’re playing games!

Using this assessment, we are able to create a specific and tailor-made plan for your child, should they need one. Children, like adults, require a care plan that is specific to them, and with your goals in mind. Only after this we can start to get to work. We use detailed re-examinations along the way to assess how your little one is getting on. The Chiropractic adjustments themselves are gentle, and most children love them.

Often, people associate Chiropractors with a stiff back, neck, or chronic headaches. These are often  symptoms of joints that don’t move as healthily as they could. We may report to a Chiropractor that we slipped, fell, or that those long hours working at our desk job just became too much. It makes sense to us why we might not be as mobile as we ought to be, and why in turn we may be experiencing pain or discomfort.

Sometimes we subconsciously assume that when our baby is born they are born brand new, and without any problems or health concerns. As we know this isn’t always the case; as human beings we are not a car that has been manufactured, but a living organism, that has developed in a small space, and been birthed through an even smaller one, at best. When we think about these processes it becomes easy to see how our baby may have come to develop some cranial or spinal challenges. Unfortunately, babies cannot tell us if they experience pain, or maybe they don’t know if they have any spinal restrictions, because they have not yet become symptomatic. For this reason it’s important to find a health care professional that is qualified and highly trained in assessing for cranial and spinal movement, and can help restore it should it be lacking.

To someone that hasn’t thought about this, it might seem strange to take a child to a Chiropractor at a young age. Just as taking your child to get their teeth checked over at the dentist can help set them up with a strong foundation for oral hygiene and health, seeing a Chiropractor at an early age can help create a strong platform for spinal wellbeing, and a healthier and happier adult life.

Written by 

Rebecca Shield MChiro DC LRCC