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Partner activities can bring you and your boo to the next level of intimacy.  Finding movement together can be both a loving and highly vulnerable experience.  When you are working out, your appearance is the last thing you're focused on, creating a potentially vulnerable experience to have your partner nearby while you're trying to navigate your own body.  While that may sound different from your typical date night, it's an extremely powerful way to bring more intimacy, honesty, and romance to your relationship.  Plus, the post yoga high is one of our favourite feelings to share ;)

As yoga teachers and founders of wedwell (the new way to bring wellness to your wedding journey), we absolutely love teaching partner poses to encourage couples to practice yoga poses together.  By the end of the class, we usually see couples laughing together or holding hands in Savasana (melts our hearts).

Below are three poses you and your significant other can try at home.....and maybe have a bottle of wine during or after!

Tree Pose

Ground one foot, and lift the other leg and bend it so the foot is balanced against your upper thigh or lower towards your calves.  Bring your hands to a prayer pose.  Once you feel balanced, bring your outer hand to hold your partner's outer hand, allowing you to share all the vibes.

Partner Plank Pose

Warning - this pose will have your core on fire! Have partner #1 get into a plank pose.  From there, have partner #2 grab the other person's feet and gently bring their own feet towards Partner #1's shoulders.  Voila! You've gotten yourself into a partner plank.  Now the challenge is to hold steady and keep your balance!

Seated Meditation

While this one is less of an active exercise, this is one that can be extremely powerful.  Sit down across from your partner and take a comfortable seat.  Lengthen your spine and drop your shoulders.  Close your eyes and take deep breaths where you only focus on expanding your heart.  Extra challenge: open the eyes and meditate starting at each other! Guarantee you will feel more connection after doing this!

Written by Lilia and Olivia from WedWell - helping to empower women to find happiness and success in all forms of relationships, so they may find their very own path to love....

Lilia BeWedWell

Meet Lilia - Co-founder of WedWell

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Meet Olivia - Co-founder of WedWell

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