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So we’ve all had that moment of great intention, to set the alarm for 6am so you can hit the gym or yoga class before sunrise! But when the alarm sounds, it can be all to tempting to hit snooze and choose a cosy lie in over a sweaty start to the day.

But here are 10 reasons why working out at the start of your day will benefit you over that post work gym class.

1. Exercise has been proven to help you handle stress better. So whether it’s a big deadline looming, or a long battle of a commute to work, you’ll feel better equipped to deal with it after a morning workout.

2. If the gym is your sanctuary, then you’ll experience it crowd free at 6am! And without a queue for that post workout shower.

3. Increased blood flow and oxygen will have your brain firing on all cylinders so you’ll be super productive all day and perform at your best.

4. Working out gives you a boost of happy endorphins, so why not start your day with exercise and reap the benefits for a day filled with content and happiness.

5. The hormone testosterone that has been linked to encouraging muscle growth is at it’s peak first thing in the morning, so why not capitalise on your body’s natural rhythm to make better gains.

6. If you’re a yo-yo exerciser, working out first thing in the morning may help you build a long term consistent routine, without the chances of it being derailed by an impromptu work meeting or night out.

7. Sweating it out first thing will set a healthier tone for the rest of your day and make it more likely you’ll make healthy food choices that will nourish and refuel you post workout.

8. Your body continues to burn calories long after you’ve finished a vigorous or intense workout, so choosing to start your day with a HIIT workout, or similar, will prime your body to burn more calories simply sitting at your desk.

9. Without distractions from texts or calls, and with the start of your working day looming, you’ll be encouraged to get in, workout and get out, making your workout more effective and less likely to drag on like an evening gym session.

10. When you workout first thing in the morning, you’re free to go home at the end of the day and enjoy your evening guilt free knowing you’ve already done your daily quota of exercise.

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Written by Kate Swinson - Wellbeing & Performance Coach and Founder of MEvME