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Prone to talking yourself out of going to that workout? Or does just the thought of finding time to get to the gym stress you out? When we talk ourselves out of doing what we know is best for us, we often perceive this as being lazy, lacking motivation, or being incompetent. Which in turn creates a negative mindset that can lead to frustration with ourselves.

However, Mel Robbins, author of 'The 5 Second Rule' believes this behaviour is a stress coping mechanism that should be harnessed not ignored. What we are ignoring isn't the task but the stress associated with that task. 

The 5 second rule is incredibly simple and straight forward, but don't dismiss it for being so!

Here's how it works...

1. Admit and accept that you're feeling stressed.  There's no need to dissect or analyse why you are feeling this way. But acknowledging it will ease the pressure and encourage your brain to make the rightful choice.

2. Make a five second decision that is directly contrary to the stress response. This is a decision of courage, and when you act with courage your brain is not involved but your heart is. Once you make the 5 second decision to commit you will have broken the cycle and proven that you can confront the stress.

3. When you have counted backwards from 5 to zero, and made the decision, as soon you hit zero make a physical action towards your decision.  If the decision is to go to the gym for example, pack your gym kit into a bag, or put on your trainers.  It doesn't matter what you do.  So long as you join a physical action to the mental decision, you are confirming your commitment to yourself.

So next time you want to make the right decision about your health, wellbeing and personal goal, try counting back from 5 to zero and then taking immediate action.  It could take you just 5 seconds to start achieving what you've always wanted to.

Written by Kate Swinson - MEvME Founder

More information: 'The 5 Second Rule'