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3 top excuses for not exercising and how to not let them stop you…

It’s only normal from time to time to feel a little lacking in motivation to get active, especially in the colder months, but it is often our own self sabotage and constant excuses that really stop us from getting in the recommended amount of 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise per week.  

Excuse: I don’t have a gym membership.

Solution: Even those who have a gym membership still don’t exercise on a regular basis. The good news is, you don’t need to sign up to this commitment or expense unless you want to. There are plenty of other ways to get active, like a bike ride, taking a brisk walk, going for a run, a home workout video, a dance class, rope skipping, hula hooping… get the point! It doesn’t need to be complicated unless you want it to be.  Especially if you’re just starting to create a more active lifestyle, anything that gets you moving is a great start!

Excuse: I don’t have the time.

Solution: You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again. You’ll never have the time! It’s a question of making the time and making your health and fitness a priority. But, the more you can integrate exercise into your daily routine the less of an effort it will feel and will reduce the need to carve out a whole extra hour to your day for that gym class or workout. So, look for ways that you can add an extra active element to your daily itinerary. For example, can you get up 30 minutes earlier and do a home workout before getting ready for work? Or get off the tube 2 stops earlier and walk the rest of the way to work? If you work on the 6th floor of an office building, try side stepping the lift and only taking the stairs.  And if possible, try doing all these things! The more consistent you can be with adding exercise into your normal daily life, the more these things will become a habit and you’ll have them incorporated into your routine without thinking about it.

Excuse: I’m too tired

Solution: Exercising on too little sleep is probably not going to be a good idea, but if you’re just feeling the effects of a long day at work then there is no reason why this should stop you from getting active. In fact, it’s been proven that exercise can actually boost your energy levels and lift your mood.  Not to mention it’s a great way to reduce stress and improve sleep too.   So don’t let your mind rule your body.  Get those leggings and trainers on and show up for that workout.  It’s always a good idea to match your workout to your mood for maximum benefits. Read more….

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Written by Kate Swinson - Wellbeing & Performance Coach, Founder of MEvME