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Read Joan's story on how she......

  • Lost 5 inches off waist 
  • Lost 2.75 inches off hips
  • Dropped body fat  
  • Increased her energy
  • And created a body shape she LOVES! 

ALL in just 90 days on the energiseME plan.....

"A friend, who I had previously done a fitness plan with, contacted me out of the blue in December and asked if I would like to do a 12 week plan with Kate.  My friend knew Kate and spoke very highly of her.   I had a ski holiday booked for February, was totally unfit, unprepared and heavier than I had been for some time.

I met with Kate, explained to her what my goals be a bit fit for skiing, to tone up, and lose a stone.   I explained to Kate my restrictions with regards to dieting, that is I don’t get on well with them, I love food too much and I also like a glass of wine.  I also explained that at 61, I was worried about the effect strenuous exercising might have on me.  We parted with Kate saying she would email me in a couple of days setting out her understanding of my needs, how she could help and  I could decide from there whether to join the plan.

I was amazed when I got Kate’s email with her review of our chat.  She had clearly listened to me. She had set out exactly where I was at,  what I wanted to achieve and how she hoped I could get there.

The plan was for 12 weeks, with  training 3 times a week.  Kate was honest explaining that it was not just about the exercise but also diet.  Her plan was to include weekly menus and also a  one-to-one meeting for a review of progress every 4 weeks.

The one previous plan I had done a couple of years previously offered similar but there was something about Kate that was very genuine and caring.  I signed up!

Sure enough, before the first session of training Kate delivered a food plan for the coming week.  Unfortunately there was very little on the menu that excited me and I began to think this plan was not going to work for me.  I shouldn’t have worried.  At the first training session, I felt comfortable enough with Kate to be honest and tell her the food plan was not a good one for me.  That day Kate sent another week’s menu to me which included food that did excite me and again clearly showed that Kate had listened to me.

The training sessions were simply great fun; I’m not a fitness person, and previously only ever exercised in short bursts before I got bored and would give up, but this was different.  There was an element of competition, but in a good and fun way.  Kate introduced sets of exercises which were specific for each individual’s needs, for instance as I was planning a ski trip my exercises focused a bit more on my lower body as this is where I had struggled previously on skiing trips.

I would say it was about only 4 weeks into the plan when I noticed that my clothes were fitting better; I couldn’t believe the results in such a short space of time.    I was six weeks in when I went skiing.  Kate sent me a set of exercises that I was to do on holiday in order to maintain momentum.  I did them and sent her pictures in evidence.  Skiing was great, I felt I had strength and stamina, this had never been the case before.   Strangely, I missed the group while on holiday and was thrilled to receive photos from Kate of their training sessions.  

My monthly wellness coaching meetings with Kate were really useful. It  gave me the opportunity to discuss how I was progressing.  Each meeting was followed up with an email from Kate with a review of our discussion and further information that helped me to keep progressing with my goals.    Kate was always sharing recipes and other useful information via web links.  Nothing was too much trouble for her which made me want to do well not just for myself but also for Kate.  Her coaching was superb.

I'm thrilled with the results I achieved during the 12 weeks; I lost weight, inches, visceral fat and above all I had stamina and I had a shape – I'm converted!

Since the plan, I have continued to eat healthily.  I do slip now and then and I still enjoy a glass of wine but I've taken up running and I never thought that would happen! I feel much healthier and happier in myself.  I have a lot to thank Kate for.  Her encouragement and support was second to none.  She cares and gives her all to those she trains which I believe made me want to give my all to the plan.  It worked, and my results prove this."

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Below.....Joan's 90 Day Before & After Photo

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