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Want to burn an extra 120 calories a day, without changing your Diet?

Strong is Beautiful, and now you can get the results you want without cutting calories. Strength training is any exercise that helps the different muscles in your body become stronger and more powerful. It can be through using weights, or even your own bodyweight, like press-ups and squats and so it makes for a great home workout. It can also be adapted to resistance-based exercises, using equipment such as elastic gym bands or gym fit balls.

If you want to help tone muscles and strengthen bones, then strength work is vital. It's also key to losing weight. Strength training not only burns more calories than cardio whilst you exercise but it also continues to torch those calories long after you've finished your workout. This helps to increase your metabolic rate which in turn will burn more calories, but in addition to this, the more lean muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn even when you're not exercising.

For every 3 pounds of muscle you build, you'll burn an extra 120 calories a day, because muscle takes more energy to sustain.  Over the course of a year, that's about 10 pounds of fat, without changing your diet! Yes, please!!

Recipe: Pistachio & Orange Blossom Raw Avocado Cake by The Unconventional Baker