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Jenny came to me at the start of lockdown feeling at an all time low! She felt out of control, anxious and was concerned about her fitness and wellbeing after the closure of her gym and the golf course!   

After 6 weeks of personal training with me, Jenny decided to go all in and start a 12 week balanceME plan.  

Read Jenny's story........

Well, what can I say?! MEvME has been a life saver and I've seen the results in only 4 weeks. 

Like a lot of people my gym closed, my golf course closed and my exercise and mind-set were severely disrupted.  Then along came Kate.....Honestly I felt like I'd lost control and routine but Kate immediately chatted me through some basics and so thoughtfully discussed my lifestyle and wellness challenges and taking care of myself and where I wanted my journey to carry on.  I started training with Kate 1-2-1 weekly and each session Kate oversees the exercise and chats to me all the time about how I'm feeling, and how was the week before and always checks in on me later in the day if the session was particularly challenging. 

My main focus for signing up to work with Kate was to create better flexibility for my golfing, and preparing for the side-effects of the dreaded menopause. Well, my golf has gone from strength to strength and I have hit my longest drive ever and not only that, I've had consistent drives for all the rounds since getting back on the fairways. 

Kate has a wealth of knowledge about the body and effects of menopause and I have every confidence that I will ease into and through my menopause now with the support of my PT and Wellness Coach, Kate. 

Since completing my 12 week plan I feel like I know my body so much better now.  I'm now aware of my mood and how to correct it if I'm feeling low. I can honestly say I feel 100% better!