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NourishME                         HOW TO STOP OVEREATING AT NIGHT


If you've eaten a beautifully balanced breakfast, lovely lunch and delicious dinner you most likely will feel content until bedtime.  But one of the biggest struggles I hear from women is their habit to over eat late at night. There's no need to restrict food after a certain time so long as it's balanced, healthy and nutritionally nourishing, however, eating high calorie and high carb loaded foods choices late in the day can be a contributing factor to causing weight gain, poor sleep and emotional stress.

Here's our top 5 tips to help you curb those night time eating urges

1. Eat 3 meals a day and evenly spaced apart to keep you feeling satisfied. A balanced diet is important however, be careful not to restrict certain food groups entirely otherwise it is likely to leave you feeling hungry and far more likely to binge at the end of the day.

2. For most it's simply just a habit that has been formed and needs to be changed.  Try changing your routine at night to create something new and break the cycle. For example, try taking a long soak in the bath, or taking yourself off to bed early and away from the kitchen and temptation.

3. Ask yourself 'why am I eating now?' Is it hunger? Or is it connected with an emotional need like trying to block out stress, or as a distraction from negative and worrying thoughts.  Understanding your behaviour and addressing the cause not just the symptom will help to break the cycle for good.

4. Beware of your inner voice around food. Saying things to yourself like 'I need to be healthy so I can fit into that dress' or 'I ate too much junk food yesterday so I need to be really good today', they all relate to guilt induced feelings around food that come from a negative place. Instead, try saying 'How can I eat more balanced today? or 'How can I eat more vegetables and fresh food that I will enjoy and that will make me feel well?' These are much more positive statements that are likely to have a far greater positive outcome.

5. Include more protein in your meals.  Protein helps you to feel fuller for longer and therefore will make you less inclined to want to over eat at the end of the day as you will feel more satisfied by your meals.

Written by Kate Swinson - MEvME Founder

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