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Once the ancient superfood of the Aztecs, the mighty chia have become a firm favourite with health foodies. From chia 'eggs' to chia puddings, there appears to be no end to what you can do with them. But there are still many of us that have no idea how to use them in our everyday foods, or what the actual health benefits of them are. So, here's the low down on these small but mighty and powerful seeds.

Legend has it that the Aztecs and Mayans used chia seeds to fuel performance back in the day and prized chia for their use as a sustainable energy source.  The word chia comes from the Mayan word for strength.

Chia seeds are loaded with massive amounts of nutrients, to benefit both the body and mind, but are low in calories. Adding just 28 grams of chia seeds to your food will dramatically boost the nutritional value to deliver an extra 4g of protein, 11g fibre, 5g of omega 3's, 18% of the RDA for Calcium and 30% RDA of Magnesium. And all this for just an additional 137 calories and only 1g of digestible carbohydrates.  Naturally gluten free, and high in antioxidants, they're a superfood for gut health too. The whopping 40% fibre content is one of the highest forms of food fibre and helps to feed the friendly bacteria in the intestine, which is great for keeping the gut happy.  The plant based protein and good balance of essential amino acids make them a must have for anyone on a weight loss programme, to help keep hunger at bay and keep you feeling fullerfor longer. 

But how to use them in everyday eating? Well, check out 35 ways to eat chia! From cakes, energy gels, to ice cream and gravy! Read now

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Written by Kate Swinson - Founder of MEvME

Image by @nushfoods