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Do you want to……

  • Feel more energized?
  • Reduce food cravings?
  • Spend less on your weekly food bills?
  • Cut down on food waste?
  • Stop mindless binge eating?
  • Spend less time food shopping?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s time to turn up the heat and get stuck into some simple meal prepping.

If the mere thought of this makes you want to run to the nearest take-out, we have some really simple tips to save you time, money and effort and turn you from novice to meal prep pro in no time!

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Start with planning and prepping just one meal a day and build it up. Breakfast is always a great starting point. One of the most important meals of the day, there are lots of quick, easy overnight oats recipes you can prep the night before so all you need to do the next morning is grab and go. Saving you time and money stopping on your way into work for that coffee and breakfast muffin.
  • Set aside just 10-15 minutes each week to sit down and plan your snacks and meals for the coming week. Think about your activities on each day and if you’ve got one or two intense gym sessions or yoga classes pencilled into the diary, be sure to eat to fuel your workouts and avoid the temptation for a post workout binge.
  • From your meal plan, create a shopping list of all the foods needed. And JUST the foods needed. Don’t be tempted to buy additional foods, just in case! This isn’t necessary when you are planning your weekly meals. Plus, this is how you are going to stop food waste and reduce your weekly shopping bills.  At first your shopping basket might seem a lot, but once you’ve stocked up on some of those pantry essentials, you’ll find each week the cost will become lower.
  • If finding the time each week to plan your meals is tricky, invest the time up front to create a 4 week meal plan with weekly shopping lists, that you can simply rotate each week and adapt as necessary to accommodate your weekly work and social diary for the coming week.
  • Add a checklist to your planner, to remind and prompt you of what you need to do each day to feel more prepared and organized with your meals. It’s a simple but very effective tool and really helps to keep you on track.
  • If you’re cooking one meal, you may as well be cooking two! So think about how you plan your meals for the week and on those nights you have a little more time, cook tomorrow’s dinner at the same time so you have an evening meal ready to go after a long day in the office.
  • Double up on quantities so that you have tomorrow’s lunch too. Serve up any extra portions/lunches straight away into your containers so you’re not tempted to just go back for seconds and eat the extra quantity of food. Leave to cool before adding lids and popping in the fridge ready for the next day.
  • Invest in some good quality, well portioned portable pots and containers for you to use on your travels and out and about. Look for BPA free plastic containers that are dishwasher safe too to save you washing up time each night.
  • Think about how you will transport your meals both on cool days and during the summer months. You may also need to buy a small easy to carry cool bag. We love the ISO Fitness bags. Not just for fitness professionals, they are a super convenient and lightweight easy to carry solution to keeping food cool for up to 12 hours. It comes with a cool block, and perfect sized containers and some models also carry your water bottle too so you can eat and drink on the go.

Eating home made food on the go is a sure way to eat more nutritious and satisfying meals that are going to energise you far better for a busy day. Plus, it not only saves you money on buying grab and go meals, but you’re also far less likely to binge eat on snacks because no matter where you are, or how busy your day turns out to be, you already have your food with you ready to eat, as soon as you’re hungry.

But if all best intentions and previous endeavors of meal planning and food leave you feeling overwhelmed, there is another option….

Wellbeing Coach, healthy living guru and Founder of MEvME, Kate Swinson, shares her knowledge and expertise offering 1-2-1 sessions to support and educate you and your family on the power of nutrition, the physical impact of food choices on your health & wellbeing and gives practical tips and advice on how you can incorporate super nutritious and great tasting foods into your everyday busy life, quickly and easily!

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