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She believed she could and so she did!

Have you ever had that moment in your life when you have tried so hard to achieve something you desperately wanted but felt frustrated or helpless to actually succeed, no matter how hard you tried? It took me time to realise what the true answer is but whether it's a fitness goal or a personal goal, the answer is the same!

When I look back at my life I can recall two very emotional challenges that, at the time, I felt powerless to control and yet when I finally succeeded I realised that I'd held the power to succeed all along.

The first was having my daughter. After 4 years had passed and Id had two painful operations and years of fertility drugs and intervention treatment I still hadn't succeeded at something most would barely even have to blink to achieve. It wasn't until the moment I truly believed that I was worthy of having a child and believed that the outcome would be what was meant to be, that it happened. Of course, I'd had many moments throughout those 4 years where I'd kidded myself that I believed this, but it wasn't until I genuinely channelled my inner powers of self belief and made peace with where I was and what would be, that literally, two weeks after that, I fell pregnant. Of course it was another two weeks until I found out I'd succeeded, but the moment I did - I realised for the first time how important self belief and really is.

The second big moment in my life I can relate this to is more recently. My life was beyond busy and hectic and a big change in direction in my career left me feeling anxious about the future. I lost my self belief and with that came truly bad skin! I went to see a dermatologist, he prescribed me drugs after drugs to try but none of them worked for any longer than a few weeks before it started to came back again. I spent a fortune on facials, and creams to apply to my skin in the hope that I would find a cure in them but again I found no hope! But these weren't cures or the answer, they were merely sticking plasters to the real problem. I was so desperate by this time that I'd try anything. Just washing my face was agony and I avoided looking in the mirror because I hated my self reflection. I spent most days wearing a scarf all day long to hide the problem. Then one day I had truly hit rock bottom and finally accepted that this was perhaps just the way it was going to be now. I accepted who I was now, instead of wishing for who I wanted to be or who I used to be. I stopped wearing scarves and trying to cover my skin with make up and instead of trying to pretend it wasn't happening I embraced it and focused on building my self belief back up, believing that I could be successful again in my new life and above all, believing that one day, my skin would heal and I would feel an inner peace and love myself again. And however long that took, I was okay with that! Within a week my skin started to heal. And when I had a flare up or set back, I didn't cave in, I still continued to believe that it would keep getting better. Months later I still have the scars to show for this journey, which will one day heal and fade, but for now they stand as a reminder that what ever we want to achieve, literally whatever, we hold the power within us.


But you can't buy self belief! You have to create it from within you. Surround yourself with people who genuinely support you and love you for who you are. Not those that try and discourage you from achieving what you want. Remember, that when when someone is negative about your goals, this is only a reflection of THEIR limitations, not a reflection of YOURS, unless you CHOOSE to believe that limit!

Because, when you truly believe that you can succeed at something - you really will! 

Kate x 

ME v ME Founder & Director