Kate Swinson - Founder of ME V ME Activewear

I had a vision of an activewear Brand that is as special and unique as the women wearing it. Activewear that is flattering, fits well, is feminine and luxurious to wear but doesn’t compromise on style and performance. As a busy full-time working Mum, I need clothes that are easy to maintain, easy to wash and preferably don’t need ironing! ME V ME Activewear takes me from my daily meetings to the school run, then from a working lunch to my workout with effortless style and the confidence that my clothes will perform, whatever life throws at me.

Technology has evolved and so why not also demand tech-infused fibres for our clothing? Made in Great Britain, the ME V ME Activewear collection in natural kale, soft grey’s and nude tones and soft to the touch luxurious textures gives you effortless style, feminine designs and performance fabrics that fit your lifestyle.

The name ME V ME was inspired by my own fitness journey that led me to realise the secret to a healthier and happier self starts with your mind. Once you stop competing with others and start to believe in you, everything falls into place as your fitness grows and you gain inner confidence that will balance both mind and body. 


ME V ME the brand is about what works for you, to find a balance between what you like doing and what you know will benefit both your mind and body. From yoga, to dance class, to gym, to riding your bike or walking the dog, getting active is simply about doing more of what you enjoy doing and that helps you to move more in your everyday life. Fitness and wellbeing goes far deeper than what you see on the outside. Take a more holistic approach to your health, fitness and wellbeing and you will discover a connection between body, soul and mind that will help you create a vibrant, active, balanced and energised lifestyle that you and your body will love.

Never under estimate the Investment you make in yourself. To invest time in you, will create a happier and healthier self and investing in quality, inspirational Activewear helps you to believe in yourself.  
And with a range of beautiful accessories too, from our Leather Sports Holdall to our Award Winning 24 hour cold Water Bottle, with ME V ME, you can take inspiration, look confident, be proud, feel great and above all, be you!


Kate x


Kate is 38 years old and lives with her husband Steve, their daughter Olivia, and Cookie the chocolate Springador. Like any other mum, her weeks fly by in a blur of school runs, working, meetings, cooking, and of course working out either in the gym or at home. When she isn’t working Kate enjoys spending time with family and friends in their cottage located in a rural village in Warwickshire. Although she enjoys cooking she believes that food should be kept simple and as close to nature as possible. After following a gluten free and dairy free diet for over 15 years, she really loves to try out new vegan recipes, although she isn’t actually vegan! And even Cookie the dog is partial to a bit of raw veg! You’ll find her most mornings at 6am wearing her wellies walking Cookie across the fields surrounding their home. She calls this her ‘happy time’. When the day has just begun and she is alone with her thoughts and can take inspiration from the beautiful surroundings to get ready for the day ahead…….. If you would like to find out more you can follow Kate on Instagram @kates_fit_lifestyle