ME V ME Ambassador Bex Shield - Chiropracter
Meet Bex - ME V ME Ambassador

DR. Rebecca Shield - Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic

From the moment I met Bex, at a local gym, I had a feeling she was someone with energy! Who absolutely lives and breaths a healthy and active lifestyle. Once I started following her on Instagram I absolutely knew that this was true!! If she isn't climbing Snowdonia by 9am on a Sunday morning, or finishing a challenging workout, she's about to start a hot and sweaty yoga class! And all of that is in between long hours working as a Chiropractor.

Rebecca grew up in Durham as part of a family of 5 that were really passionate about health, vitality and personal development. She began seeing the life changing effects of chiropractic care alongside her parents and sisters and after studying at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College, she passed with merit and has gone on to become interested in paediatric studies and Dry needling, amongst other soft tissue therapies.

She loves any opportunity to share the wonders of chiropractic with the community as well as treating teams of up and coming rowers and hockey players and other athletes and thrives on getting people back on the road to feeling great and enjoying those things that make their life amazing. She believes you’re never too old or too young to start living life to its fullest!

In her own words........

"As a trained Chiropractor people often assume that my job is about crunching spines and fixing aches and pains, but having spent 5 years studying nutrition as part of my Chiropractic degree, what we truly specialise in is helping people express their true health potential. The diet we choose plays a huge part in this."

" My day to day job is more about helping people to move in the correct way, and to create better lifestyle habits. I also work with people that have chronic diseases and help them to understand how their lifestyle affects the disease, and how they can manage their pain through methods that are natural, as opposed to medicinal, that help them to feel better."

"The knowledge I have about the human body and how it works has really helped me during my own training. I prefer to train specific muscle groups each time I train and have always focused on technique to ensure I get the maximum benefits out of each training session."

"As women we are often the health providers in our families, we often cook the meals, look after our children and help to provide for our families in lots of different ways and moving is a part of that. And yet, we are often scared to become physically stronger, through a fear of becoming too masculine. We are faced with huge pressures in society to conform to a stereotypical type of the ‘modern woman’ who has to look great at all times and can’t be seen to be sweaty or strong or independent and yet this rarely encourages us to feel good about ourselves and love ourselves. I do a variety of training and workouts but focus predominantly on weight training.  It gives a mental strength and confidence unlike any other form of training that can help us to cope with these daily demands of life. The benefits are huge! Weight training is my core training, closely followed by Cross-Fit, and I still love to go hiking, horse riding, whenever I can and regularly go to Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga."

"If my own fitness journey inspires at least one other woman to start weight training or just lead a healthier more active lifestyle and also experience the powerful benefits of being more active, then I'd be really happy, and would have achieved what I have set out to do."

Bex x

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