MEvME ONLINE Personal Training & Group Workouts

MEvME online 1-2-1 Personal Training & Group Workout classes.

All from the comfort of your own home. No equipment necessary. 

Workouts and Training Plans designed to BOOST energy, aid WEIGHT LOSS, increase STRENGTH, reduce stress, increase HAPPY hormones, and create a FIT, strong and healthy body, that FEELS great.  


Experienced in supporting, training and coaching men and women of all fitness levels, abilities and ages. 

Are you new to exercise? Or do you struggle to exercise due to a health condition? Over the years I have helped many clients to become fit and strong despite existing health conditions and challenges, including (but not limited to): 

If you'd like to learn how to exercise safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home with 1-2-1 Training and Support, please get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss how I can help you. 


Get MOTIVATED, have FUN, and join the MEvME Community with a selection of online workouts to keep you inspired as well as fit. 

Freestyle Fitness 
This fitness class delivers a fun and effective total body workout. Take your fitness to a new level and increase metabolism, accelerate weight loss, build strength and improve endurance.

Club Cardio 
This high cardio workout is designed to burn those calories.  Whatever the weather, there’s no excuses now, as this fast paced, high energy workout takes you through your paces in your very own home.  You’re guaranteed to sweat!

Sculpt & Tone 
Don’t be fooled by the slow and controlled movements, this thigh, glutes and core workout is designed to sculpt, condition and tone.  A mixture of bodyweight exercises that get results you can feel.

Mindful Movement
Focused breathing coupled with mindful movements and stretches create a zen-like workout that builds core strength, flexibility and improves balance.   Helping to bring you back to the present moment and support a relaxed body and calm mind.

A fast paced total body workout based on simple moves associated with boxing, including skipping, boxing drills and ab exercises. Designed to burn fat and increase fitness. This is definitely the workout of choice for those looking to really increase their fitness and burn bodyfat!

Choose from the following options:


Monthly DD Payment.  

Price is per household not per person so the whole family can join in!  

Workout in your own home. Workout in your PJ’s in you want to!! No one will see you. 

These are LIVE workout classes, not pre-recorded, which means I know if you turn up or not! 😊

Please log into zoom a couple of minutes ahead of start time so we can get started together. 

The zoom link will be sent to you on sign up and first monthly payment.

Please allow 24 hours between sign up and attending your first session to allow time for you to receive the zoom link and further details on how to join. 

 For more information on the MEvME Online Fitness Classes or 1-2-1 Personal Training, please call 07890 004285 or email  

Kate x

Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach & Founder of MEvME


Through her fitness background and own health issues, Kate has learnt first hand the power of great nutrition, daily movement and the art of MEtime. She's passionate about helping others to access credible, trustworthy information on how to create a healthy body and mind and loves sharing effective ways for people to incorporate more healthful habits into their everyday busy lives, through her Wellness Coaching and Training.

"A balanced body comes from a balanced life. Investing time in our health and wellbeing isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. In a busy and competitive world, MEvME is about taking time for ourselves and nurturing our bodies and well-being to realise a greater feeling of self-love and appreciation for who we are, without constant comparison to others. I hope I can help you on your journey to discovering a more balanced, energised and nourished life."