The Story behind the Brand

What Inspires Us

MEvME is inspired by the belief that, in a busy and competitive world we need to take time for ourselves and nurture our bodies and well-being to realise a greater feeling of self-love and appreciation for who we are, without constant comparison to others.
Through becoming more active in everyday life we can benefit both our body and mind and achieve a more balanced life that creates a vibrant, energised and happier self.

Who we are

MEvME is a British Activewear brand, designed with hardworking women in mind. We bring together flattering, feminine design with the latest technology and performance combining luxurious fabrics to create effortless style and bringing you a capsule collection of Activewear that is as versatile as todays modern lifestyle.
We do not compromise. We use high quality tech infused fabrics sourced from leading manufacturers in Italy and the UK. We invest in the design process to ensure our activewear performs well, washes well and wears well. We are proud to be a British Brand.
We demand quality and performance without compromise on style and design. Our customers expect this of us. They are trend conscious active multi-tasking women who are ethically and environmentally aware and who want a brand they can trust. We don’t let them down, we constantly invest in innovation, pushing our design and product development forward, and contribute to educating and empowering women through our work with the PCF Charity.

Meet Kate - the woman behind our brand

After 15 years of juggling a demanding career and hectic family life, MEvME founder Kate Swinson discovered a healthier and move active way of life that helped her realise the power of the mind and body connection. Through considered nutrition and daily exercise she not only created a body she finally loved, accepted and appreciated but also started to replace her feelings of stress and anxiety with increased feelings of positivity and happiness. As life became easier Kate gained a mental focus and clarity that she had never appreciated before. As her body grew stronger and healthier so too did her mind.

Leaving her old job behind, Kate set out to develop MEvME to meet her new lifestyle. She developed a collection of Activewear that is as beautiful and feminine as the women wearing it and that will also perform to the demands of their modern, versatile and demanding lifestyles. A collection that looks and feels luxurious, soft and feminine design, comfortable to wear and that is guaranteed to perform

Invest in YOU

MEvME is unique in our own special way, as we remain more than just about our range of Activewear. We are about encouraging women to feel empowered and invest time in themselves, to lead a healthier life that will help them to discover deeper self-love and embrace their bodies without comparison to others. Understanding that by becoming more active in everyday life they will benefit both body and mind. Because only out of doing something we love can we create something we love more. Ourselves.