To make sure you have access to the people, support and information you need, to create the life and wellbeing you desire, we're growing the MEvME wellbeing services and are so excited to announce the launch of several new events, workshops and groups for 2019! The most trusted and passionate wellness advisors are all here to share their knowledge and world-class advice with you to inspire you on your wellness journey to create a balanced mind, energised spirit and nourished body.......

balanceME Wellbeing Group

Making healthy and sustained wellness a fun, delicious, creative and inspiring way to live....not just another thing on your to-do list!

The MEvME Monthly Wellbeing Group is for women who WANT to make positive changes to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and feel energised to perform at their best to cope with the daily demands placed on them without compromising their health.

 Designed to give you all the support, advice and motivation you need to succeed in your health, wellness and fitness goals, the MEvME Wellbeing Group Membership includes. ….

The cost is just £45 per month and you can pay monthly by Direct Debit, or if you pay for the annual membership up front in full you’ll save £45 and get one month free. 

Please note, to make sure that I give each and every member the support and attention they deserve, places are limited.

Open date for sign up is 01.01.19.  To find out more, about venue, dates and how the group could help you in achieving your wellness goals, click here to request more information and take the first step towards achieving your vision!

Dates: Wednesday Evening 7.30pm & Friday Morning 10am  

nourishME Superfood Cookery Workshops

Do you want to learn how to quickly and easily turn your food and snacks into 'super' tasty and 'super' nutritious that the whole family will enjoy? The MEvME Superfood Cookery workshops are interactive and guaranteed to supercharge your time spent in the kitchen and put you back in charge of your own health through the power of healing and delicious foods.

Join us at the beautiful Oken Kitchens in the historic town of Warwick and discover the simple and satisfying art of superfood cooking. Topics covered throughout the year include:

Raw Chocolates, Guilt Free Snacks, Stress Free Suppers, Pantry Detox, Super Swaps, 3 Day Body Reset, Brilliant Breakfasts for Busy Days, Simple, Tasty, Family Cooking, Fermented Foods, Gut Health, Christmas Treats and many more......

Upcoming Dates:

Friday 25th January 10am to 12noon

Wednesday 27th February 7.30pm to 9pm 

Friday 22nd March 10am to 12noon

Register your interest by clicking here or check out our FB Events page for more details.

Cost: From £35 per person 

energiseME Plan

Available as 1-2-1 or group sessions, the 12 week energiseME plan is designed to take your fitness to a new level with motivational coaching, fun training sessions and expert support to get the results you want. Perfect for beginners, people getting back into fitness, and those wanting to make better progress in their workouts, this progressive plan is tailored to suit your fitness level and goals and energise your daily movement to the next level. 


1 Hour Health Discovery Session at the start of the plan to discuss any current lifestyle challenges, barriers to movement and health conditions, and to plan and agree your goals and how these will be tracked to monitor progress and achievements throughout the 12 weeks.

3 x 1 Hour Training sessions per week (either 1-2-1 or in a group)

Personalised Meal Plan & Shopping List to keep you on track and take the hassle out of your food and keep you free to focus on you!

3 x 30 minute coaching sessions throughout the plan to improve mindset, focus, vision and performance 

1-2-1 energiseME Plan £1440

Group energiseME Plan £640

One off Personal Training Sessions also available, subject to availability, at a cost of £40 per hour, depending on location. 

If you'd like any more information on any of the above events or workshops, please call me on 07890 004285 or email by clicking here .

Kate x

Personal Trainer, Wellbeing Coach & Founder of MEvME

Through her fitness background and own health issues, Kate has learnt first hand the power of great nutrition, daily movement and the art of MEtime. She's passionate about helping others to access credible, trustworthy information on how to create a healthy body and mind and loves sharing effective ways for people to incorporate more healthful habits into their everyday busy lives.

"A balanced body comes from a balanced life. Investing time in our health and wellbeing isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. In a busy and competitive world, MEvME is about taking time for ourselves and nurturing our bodies and well-being to realise a greater feeling of self-love and appreciation for who we are, without constant comparison to others. I hope we can help you on your journey to discovering a more balanced, energised and nourished life."